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Rust Removal

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Rust Removal

At Gilligan's Power Washing rust removal is an art and a science that our technicians are taught.  Each case of rust removal, fertilizer rust stain removal, irrigation rust stain removal and orange battery staining removal is a little different.  Rust staining on concrete and vinyl siding is one the most difficult stains to remove.  Most concrete and vinyl surfaces are porous and rust stains can be up to 1/16” deep.  Orange battery acid is a flash acid burn that looks almost identical to a rust stain in appearance, but is very different; if your battery acid is white, this can travel through the entirity of the surface and unfortunately there is not cleaner that can remove the stain. 

Gilligan's Power Washing technicians have been trained to recognize the different types of rust stains and how to remove the rust stains without damage to your surface.  Our rust removal process will restore your surface, as well as, remove the rust spot to ensure an even appearance and deep cleaning. Experience combined with proper training and cleaning techniques make Gilligan's Power Washing the right choice for your restoration job.

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