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Deck & Fence Restoration

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Deck and Fence Restoration

We understand that decks and fences are an important investment and a key part of a home's exterior, but they require regular maintenance and care to keep them looking great. Our team of experts uses a tailored and methodical approach to restore and rejuvenate all exterior wood structures, ensuring a gentle and thorough cleaning process that preserves the integrity of your investment.

SoftWashing Process for Wood and Vinyl:

We use the right chemicals and techniques to clean and restore painted, stained, and unstained decks and fences.  Our low-pressure SoftWash system is gentle enough for delicate surfaces and effective at removing dirt, grime, and mildew without damaging the surface.  We are experts at removing organics like mildew, and algae from stained decks without disturbing the delicate stains and sealers.


Our cleaning agents for unstained decks and fences are specifically designed for bare wood, reviving the natural beauty of the wood and laying a foundation for stains and sealers that will last for many years.

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