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Brick Cleaning

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Brick Cleaning

Whether you have newly laid bricks and you are looking at cleaning them to remove cement mortar dags or if you have existing brickwork that is looking dirty, we have the resources and knowledge to tackle the job professionally and without damaging your bricks.  Gilligan's Power Washing specializes in all facets of brick cleaning including house washing and building facade bringing your brick back to its original beauty.

What is Oxidation and can it be removed?

Oxidation is a common problem with brick and vinyl siding, especially where your home’s exterior is exposed to prolonged sunlight, oxygen and other natural elements.  It often happens on a part brick/part siding home and exhibits as a white chalky substance on the surface of your siding and trim.  When left untreated, oxidation can cause your siding to become fragile and brittle, and may even cause serious damage.  Oxidation cannot simply be washed away.  At Gilligan's Power Washing we specialize in restoration of oxidized brick and vinyl siding by using the correct chemicals and soaps along with scrubbing the oxidation off by hand in order to safely remove the damage and restore your siding.

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