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Roof Cleaning

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High power pressure cleaning isn’t always the best solution for your home or business. In fact, sometimes high-intensity pressure cleaning does more harm than good. Gilligan'’s Power Washing takes a more gentle approach using our low-pressure SoftWash service to safely clean and protect surfaces that can’t take the intensity of a power wash. Pressure Washing will only spread the algae around and also wash away the protective granules that make up the top layer of your shingles.

What is SoftWashing? 

Soft washing uses low-pressure and a combination of water and biodegradable chemicals to gently clean surfaces of unsightly and damaging: Dirt, Mildew, Mold, Algae, Bacteria (Gloeocapsa Magma), lichens and moss. Moss and lichens have the most destructive filament root systems.

Soft Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Low pressure isn’t the only thing that sets a softwash apart from a typical pressure wash. The main benefits of choosing a softwash approach for your house or business include: Avoiding Damage to Delicate Surfaces – Not all surfaces can withstand the pressure of a power wash. Soft washing works to safely clean wood, painted surfaces, or delicate roof tiles. More Than Just a Cleaning – While both methods get your home or business clean, SoftWashing takes it even further. The chemicals used sterilize and kill mold, algae, and mildew and prevent them from coming back as fast. Eco-friendly – SoftWashing uses significantly less water than pressure cleaning and fewer chemicals are needed to get the job done. Other areas that can be soft washed include: of our clients.

  • Brick Surfaces 

  • Walls 

  • Pool areas  

  • Patios  

  • Vinyl Siding  

  • Wood Soffits Decks  

  • Commercial Buildings 

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