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Roof Cleaning

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Roof Washing

Did you know that even if your roof looks dirty and mossy, it may not need to be replaced?  For a fraction of the price, a roof wash can remove those awful black streaks and unsightly green moss all while maintaining and protecting your roof.

How Can a Roof Be Cleaned (SAFELY!!)?

Our roof washing process features a SoftWash technique which utilizes solutions that are powerful, yet shingle friendly because they break down dirt and biological matter with no more pressure than a mild rain.  In fact our method is the only method recommended by the 3 main shingle manufacturers.  

What is SoftWashing? 

SoftWashing uses low-pressure and a combination of water and biodegradable chemicals to gently clean surfaces of unsightly and damaging dirt, mildew, mold, algae, bacteria (Gloeocapsa Magma), lichens and moss at the root resulting in a gentle, effective, longer-lasting clean.  

SoftWashing vs. Pressure Washing

Not only can high-intensity pressure cleaning do more harm than good, pressure washing can actually spread the algae around and wash away the protective granules that make up the top layer of your shingles.  However, low pressure isn’t the only thing that sets SoftWashing apart from a typical pressure washing.  The main benefit of choosing a SoftWash approach for your roof is to avoid damage to your delicate shingles, as not all surfaces can withstand the pressure of a power wash.  SoftWashing works to safely clean wood, tile, asphalt, aluminum and slate shingles.  The chemicals used sterilize and kill mold, algae, and mildew at the root and prevent them from coming back as fast.  SoftWashing uses significantly less water than pressure washing and fewer chemicals are needed to get the job done making it also a more eco-friendly and responsible method.

Other areas that can be SoftWashed include: 

🢂 Brick & Concrete Surfaces 

🢂 Pavers & Retaining Walls

🢂 Pool Decks & Patios  

🢂 Vinyl, Wood Shakes, Hardie Board, Stucco and Aluminum Siding  

🢂 Wood & Composite Decks and Fencing 

🢂 Awnings, Playsets, Outdoor Furniture and More!

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