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Residential Services

At Gilligan's Power Washing we specialize in SoftWashing with low pressure for our residential cleaning.  With our SoftWash equipment we ensure that your home will not be damaged like it can from pressure washing.  The old method of using high pressure can not only damage your siding, but also damage window screens and force water behind vinyl, causing mold and mildew problems that you can’t see! ​ We use eco-friendly, professional grade detergents that are designed to kill and remove years of dirt, mold, mildew and other airborne pollution, all while keeping your home's exterior safe. 

House Washing


At Gilligan's Power Washing we offer SoftWashing for house and building exterior cleaning. SoftWashing is a technique using low-pressure to reduce the chances of damage and water penetration into the structure. This allows for a more gentler and effective clean.  The eco-friendly surfactants used, kill algae, mildew, and mold at a molecular level, which allows your house to stay cleaner for longer.

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Window Cleaning


We offer Exterior window cleaning using a water fed pole system along with filtered water for a streak-free result. All our technicians are skilled in providing you with the best experience and service possible. You can use our window cleaning service with confidence because our exclusive Streak-Free Guarantee backs every window cleaning service. 

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Roof Washing


Just like our house washing, we also provide  SoftWashing for roofs. This low pressure technique reduces damage to the shingles keeping them intact all while killing algae, mildew, and mold allowing the roof to stay cleaner longer.  It is important to note that traditional pressure washing, which can damage and remove particles of the shingle itself, is not recommended by the 3 major shingle companies. ➜ Learn more

Brick Cleaning

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Brick is a popular choice for exterior walls, sidewalks, and patios. The problem is that the brick and mortar that look nice can become stained, discolored, dirty & grimy over time and lose its classic look. At Gilligan's Power Washing we use pressure washing and proper technique that will leave your bricks looking their best.

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Gutter Cleaning


We provide both internal and external cleaning of gutters. Internal cleaning is removing all dirt and debris, making sure they are clean and free-flowing. Our external cleaning consists of brightening up the gutters with our biodegradable, concentrated cleaner that is effective at removing oxidation and streaks when standard pressure washing can not.

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Concrete Cleaning

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Concrete receives very high amounts of foot traffic walking up and down walkways and entryways into your home or business. Pressure washing on a regular basis is recommended to maintain a clean and safe walkway. 

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